Complexity Science Software Tools

Michael Lees – Feb 2014

Notes: Not an exhaustive list!

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Specifically looking at tools for:

  • Agent-Based Modelling
  • Complex Networks
  • System Dynamics

All(or multiple)-in-one :

  1. NetLogo
  2. PyCx

Agent-Based Modelling (List of ones I’ve used)

  1. RePast
  2. RePast HPC
  3. Mason
  4. NetLogo
  5. Flame
  6. Gamma
  7. SimAgent

Comprehensive List:


Complex Networks

These are tools for creating/modelling network dynamics and specifically for analysing and visualising networks.

  1. NetworkX
  2. Graphviz
  3. Gephi
  4. iGraph
  5. Cytoscape
  6. Pajek
  7. Jung

Comprehensive List:

A reader’s guide to SNA software

System Dynamics

These are tools for creating system dynamics models.

  1. NetLogo
  2. Stella, iThink
  3. Pyndynamics
  4. Simulink

Comprehensive List: